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Social Anxiety Struggles

I feel like everyone is constantly judging and staring at me while I’m out in public. I can’t make the negative thoughts go away no matter how hard I try. I realize it all sounds irrational but it makes complete sense to me in the moment. I should know that not everyone is judging or staring at me but my brain can’t make the connection.If I hear a laugh, I assume someone is laughing at me. I can’t perform a simple task in public because I feel that I’m being criticized. I barely graduated high school because walking down the crowded hallways caused me anxiety attacks. College brought on the same level of anxiety. I’ve never been able to hold down a job for longer than six months. Anxiety has held me back in so many ways and the more I try to get better, I fall two steps back.      I thought as I got older my anxiety would subside but it hasn’t. I’m still on the anxiety ship and it’s sinking more and more each day. I’m a twenty six year old woman who is a prisoner to her own apartment and mind. Life with anxiety isn’t much of a life at all. I’m patiently waiting for my ticket off the anxiety train but it never comes.



I'm here to share my struggles with mental illness in hopes of raising awareness and helping others who struggle as well. This is my story. - M

One thought on “Social Anxiety Struggles

  1. I had social anxiety that manifested into general anxiety and OCD. I remember being in middle school thinking I would never graduate because of the severe panic. I, too, have learned that it does not just go away, but treatment can help and is so important. Take care!

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